Wholesale Info

We are now offering two different tiers of Wholesale Discounts!

Tier 1:  No minimum per fabric! 100 yards of any full price fabric qualifies for FREE SHIPPING but due to the automatic discount program set up on the website, shipping WILL have to be PAID upfront but will be REFUNDED Immediately if qualifications are met.

Tier 2:  Must meet minimum yardage PER FABRIC. The following discounts apply: 5 yards of the same fabric - 5% OFF, 10 yards of the same fabric - 10% OFF, 15 yards of the same fabric - 15% OFF, and 20 yards of the same fabric - 20% OFF. Qualifies for free shipping at 200 yds total.

If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact us via the website and we will happily assist you!