Current TAT times are (officially) 5-7 Business Days unless otherwise stated. But the goal is ASAP!

Domestic Shipping:

0-4 YDS             $9 .00 USPS PFRE

4.1-10 YDS        $15.00 USPS MFRB

10.1-17 YDS      $21.00  UPS (overages auto refunded)

17.1-30 YDS      $32.50 UPS (overages auto refunded)

30.1-50 YDS      $37.00 UPS (overages auto refunded)

50.1-75 YDS      $1.00/YD or cost, whichever is cheaper- UPS (overages auto refunded) 

75.1-100 YDS    $0.75/YD or cost, whichever is cheaper - UPS (overages auto refunded)

100.1+ YDS        You will be invoiced separately at the rate of $.050/yd. 

*Quantities based on SHIPPING yardage, not actual yards. If a fabric counts as more than 1 yard for shipping purposes, it will be mentioned in the fabric description.

 2. All Threadbear packaging includes insurance.

3. I charge cost for all shipping options. My cost includes carrier costs, processing fees charged to me to collect your shipping and materials, shippings materials and labor costs. 

4. I will always refund any shipping overages over $2 <3

5. Prices above are best estimates. As I keep my prices as low as sustainably possible, I am unable to cover shipping loss. I charge my cost and if any packages cost more than what has been paid, I will reach out to collect the difference.

7. Combined orders incur a $0.30 charge per extra order due to processing fees per transaction.

8. If you have any questions about refunds, please feel free to reach out. My goal is always to be transparent and if you believe there has been a mistake made, there very well could have been! 


International Shipping:

I offer DHL and USPS shipping. The only way to know what your cost will be is to place your order, you will be charged for shipping but the website *usually charges more than necessary. Once I receive your order I will reach out to give you your cheapest options. If there are no options that work for you, I will refund your order immediately, no questions asked. Canada orders can be subject to duty fees. I have no control over this and have no idea what they will be. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email or a facebook message.