The best place to reach me quickly is to email threadbeartextileco@gmail.com or helpmethreadbear@gmail.com or to message me on facebook messenger.

Shipping Info


1. Holds cost 1$ per hold.

2. You must add the HOLD product item to your order OR YOUR ORDER WILL SHIP.

3. Once you choose to ship your items, any shipping overages will be refunded.

4. You may hold for 60 days at which time, you will receive a notification that your items will be shipped.

Shipping your HELD items...

Add the "Ship Your HELD order" product to your cart and check out. You may add other products to your cart or not, it makes no difference.


1. When will I receive my shipping refund?

     The day after you receive your shipping confirmation.

2. Do you sell fabric by the yard? or by the half yard?

    Full Yard

3. Why is shipping so expensive?

    Unfortunately shipping prices continue to increase. I only charge my customers the cost to me to ship their product. I wish I could lower them but I have no control over carrier set rates. I do my best to keep prices low by the yard to help ease the burden.

4. What happens if I receive my order damaged or it gets lost in the mail?

    Occasionally packaged can go missing or be delayed in transit. Please contact helpmethreadbear@gmail.com and can to try to help you locate your item. 

We are not responsible for shipments that are lost or stolen. While all shipments from Threadbear Textile Co are insured, It is up to the customer to file a claim with USPS. Items lost in transit will require filing a claim with USPS. We will do our best to help you through this process.

5. Do you accept returns or exchanges?

    All Mystery boxes and Seconds Packs are FINAL SALE. 

    All sale items are FINAL SALE.

    No refunds.

    Exchanges will be accepted but shipment and cost thereof of items back to me is the responsibility of the customer. New items will not be shipped out until exchanged goods have been received.

6. Issues with you order?

    If there are any damage or quality issues with your order, please reach out to helpmethreadbear@gmail.com and we will do our best to fix the issue in a timely manner.

7. Continuous Yardage...

    How it works...I cut into rolls of fabric only once. I cut the custom yardage from the drop and then cut the rest of the rolls into 2, 3, 4 & 5 yard cuts.

    If the drop is on a Friday and you order before Monday, there is a 99% chance you will receive continuous yardage on your NEW FABRICS.

    If the drop is any other day of the week, there is a 99% chance you will receive continuous yardage on your NEW fabrics.

    If you order fabrics that dropped in previous drops, they will NOT be continuous but I do my best not to send 1 yard cuts and to reach out to each and every person to understand their preference!